Market Charts

My unique & simplified version of a market chart with realistic potential values for coins.

What if?

What if I had invested earlier?" - calculator where you select a coin, timeframe and amount spent.

"What if the Market Cap was at previous all time high?" - dynamic market chart displaying potential coin values if the market cap was at its previous all time high.

Coin Details

Where to buy, best potential value, shit coin indicators, social media presence and coin website screenshots. All the things I need on one page, to determine if I want to invest.

about Coinfomo

Avoid the Fear of Missing Out

When I started investing in Cryptocurrency, I had no idea what I was doing. There is a wealth of information but it was difficult to know where to start or who to trust. I was doing a lot of calculation in my head based on coin data to determine if a coin was legitimate. To make life easier I decided to write the algorithms and display my results visually so I can see everything I need in one place.

CoinFomo grew from a pet project for myself to a resource I am offering for free to the cryptocommunity. The goal is to keep things simple and make coin investing less intimidating for beginners. The next time your friends brag about how much they made on their coins, you do not need to have the fear of missing out.



Market Chart Features

A cryptocurrency resource to give a simple graphical overview of key information about the value of your coins.

What if Price

Do you think your penny coin will be worth thousands of dollars one day? This is a realistic listing of maximum prices, for each coin, given the market cap and number of coins.


This is how much money is being spent on trades in the past 24 hours. This is important because legitimate coins tend to have more than a half million dollar volume.


The more supply, the more people will have to invest for that coin to increase in price. Now you can see graphically how many more coins are available compared to bitcoin.


Badge icons help identify shit coins, falling knives, potential pump and dumps, and coins mooning


This lets you know how much the price has changed in 24 hours. If you see mostly red, this means the market is slaughtering all the investors and it’s a sea of blood. Don’t worry, it seems to always bounce back.

Coin Details

Each coin has a details page with quick checks on the social networks, github and coin website to help determine the legitamacy of the coin.